What Power The Voice in Celebrity Audiobooks?

It seems we’re all looking for more lighted gossip than ever before these days.

With so many heavy events and access to all the problems of the world at the tip of our fingertips, our willingness to assist has increased, yet also our compassion fatigue.

Celebrity news has gone mainstream for many of us including the men’s market. The instant familiarity we feel with them often has the quality of an ongoing soap opera yet we’re strangely fascinated by the bizarre and often colourful behaviour.

But looking deeper, it’s wonderful to enjoy genuinely talented celebrities and their quality work rather than the mindless petty gossip generated about them.

For example, the quality of a good celebrity voice.

Many are talented singers as well as actors and have professionally trained voices honed over many years of voice coaching focussing on inflection, pronunciation and resonant projection.

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts have recently lent their well known voices to audiobooks and others are quickly hopping on the bandwagon.

By having a rest from the deluge of pretty boys and girls on our cinema and videos and letting a voice speak for itself, we heighten a beautiful medium to an art by and of itself. Witness radio also becoming hot again in the cycle of multimedia trends.

Especially for those who are more aurally sensitive, at times heightened by eye problems or fatigue, the poetic sensitivity of emotion in a well trained voice brings an exquisite pleasure equal to that of the fascinating story or factual narrative they present.

Even in the self development field, some magnetic and charismatic speakers have become celebrities themselves and weave well spoken motivational stories which have turned their own heroic challenges into fabulous epics of struggle, survival and victory for the rest of us.

Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar are legends in their field and have inspired many millions to overcome personal setbacks and rise to the challenge of a new and fascinating life despite severe hurdles.

Despite many challenges today, there’s never been more access to emotive stories of bravery and achievement from fascinating celebrities who dare to go the extra mile and dream on when many of us would whine or dissolve in a faithless mess.

So it’s a choice really. Reading about Lindsay Lohan in after party rehab or listening to intimate and quality recordings of today’s achievers. Hmm, I’m off to the next level!

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