What Kind Of Super Hero Would You Be?

Whatever happened that made me lose that sense of adventure in life? As a kid playing with my favorite action figures allowed me to experience all the wonder of life. Challenges were quickly defined and plans made to overcome all obstacles placed in my way.

The other day I was thinking about what kind of Superhero have I become? My daughter sometimes thinks of me as Superdaddy. But in reality what was always exciting about Superheroes was that in spite of whatever circumstances and evil they were presented with they always fought back. Through persistence and maintaining a high moral code they would win their battles. This theme is what continues to intrigue me today.

As a kid I identified very strongly with the Superheroes that I admired. I could relate to their upbringing, values and the battles they would fight. As I would read their stories I would place myself in their place. I would feel their pain at the upsets they would experience. I would experience their sense of pride at the battles they would win.

A Superhero sometimes has extraordinary abilities like x-ray vision or the ability to fly. But more often than not, they have a keen sense of justice and a deep desire to support good in its fight against evil.

One of the things that I have realized from all of my years of reading comic books and pulp fiction is that this form of literature reminds us all of our incredible possibilities.

Common people would often do super human things when energized with a powerful purpose.

While more sophisticated forms of novels eloquently depict the struggle of everyday life, the pulp fiction genre clearly delineates ideas and battles that need to be fought.

Imagine for a second that you could be a Superhero. What would you be? What would be your purpose? What battles would you fight? Would you need extra ordinary abilities? What would your purpose and mission be? Who would be your arch enemy?

More importantly, there really is no escape from these basic questions. Like it or not, you are acting out your purpose and mission every day.

As I write these questions I can’t help but realize that these are the questions that ultimately determine our fate and destiny. While Henry David Thoreau believed that “men lead lives of quiet desperation,” anyone who has read a great pulp fiction adventure or superhero story will emphatically agree that desperation like anything else in life is a choice.

I choose to be Captain Adventure, capable of fending off boredom with a simple glance, more fun that a speeding roller coaster, and willing to experience the joy that mere mortals will never comprehend.

Think about what kind of Superhero you would be? Like it or not, you are a Superhero and with everyday that passes you are adding prose to the canvas of your life.