The Power of The Internet

In the same time with the development of the Internet industry appeared related activities that provide an alternative or even the possibility of having access to information: e-learning, audio-learning with audiobooks, etc. Moreover, the application of the Internet has emerged throughout the branch called e-commerce – electronic commerce, in which bidders for goods and services have a huge outlet: the Internet.

Basically the internet has provided access to a global market of many small and medium businesses, which, without Internet would never be able to address to customers on a world scale. In this way the Internet has become an important medium for business. Power of the Internet marks more and more importance for many B2B companies. For the present, I defined five trends as guidance…

As a driving force in online marketing, I identified two decisive factors: on the one hand, rearrangement of the various specialized departments, by the fact that expand their Internet offerings to current online tools, on the other hand, targeted using and combining various disciplines of online marketing plays an important role. Focus of interaction between them and the factors that influencing object-oriented campaigns becomes more and more important.

Online Marketing Trends:

– Optimization of the entry sites
– Strengthen the training of leaders
– Extension of the marketing portal
– Advertising machine optimization
– Intervention of the cross online marketing

Of all of these result a good starting point for a possible marketing strategies.Not only individual measures, but also linking different tools, make online marketing extremely efficient and successful.For more efficient trading of the products and services over the Internet we must find the best web marketing solutions whose correct application means guarantee of success!

Conversation Power by James Van Fleet

Managing your work relationships, family and personal relationships, business clients, employees and other relationships with which you deal in your life all boil down to communication. This is the concept that James Van Fleet teaches in Conversation Power, a book written by an author who has not only an accomplished background, but one in which communication as played a large role. In addition to Conversation Power, James Van Fleet has written more than ten other books, including the infamous Power with People.

As mentioned, one of the reasons James Van Fleet wrote Conversation Power is to give you power over your own relationships. The concept of communication plays an important role. When something goes awry during your personal, professional or work relationships, the majority of the time the problem was poor communication or lack of communication. On the other hand, James Van Fleet believes the opposite is true: good communication is responsible for success in relationships and can help you get what you want in life.

Learning Skills of Self-Expression

Though you may have learned skills and concepts related to self-expression before, Conversation Power seems to take it to a whole new level. For example, James Van Fleet sheds light on the most effective strategies you can take and use in every one of your relationships with every communication and moment of interaction with others. For example, one of the huge components of good communication is active listening. Though “listening” by itself may seem mundane, Van Fleet presents real-life examples of how this works.

One of the benefits of Conversation Power is the fact that you can listen to this audiobook repeatedly for different occasions. You can listen to it right before walking into a meeting with your boss to discuss a raise or you can listen to it right before communicating with a family member or spouse. As you listen, over time the lessons and concepts instilled in you can boost your self-confidence in any situation.

Conversation Actions Steps

Throughout the audiobook, you’ll learn to master the language of success in several different ways. The author presents many different guidelines and actionable steps you can use immediately with your next conversations. He presents eight of the most important rules of conversation, no matter if you’re dealing with your significant other or co-worker. When it comes to interacting with a person of the opposite sex, Conversation Power talks about the nine favorite topics of men and women in the hopes that you can start the conversation off right.

James Van Fleet also discusses the importance and power of persuasion, an important theme throughout the book. For example, he gives you an instructional 5-step plan that you can use in real-life to help get others to see and accept your point-of-view. Conversation Power also puts the spotlight on successful salesman and reveals ten techniques that they use in their own work day dealing with and persuading customers to buy.

Though James Van Fleet may make it look like a cinch to bring you communication and conversation power to the table, the truth of the matter is that you’ll need to listen to him over and over to adopt his strategies and principles as your own. Depending on your motivation for listening to Conversation Power, you’ll end up dramatically changing your life and the benefits you receive. As an employee, you can increase your earning power. You can learn to persuade others, learn to build and keep lasting friendships, have success at business meetings and enhance your communication skills overall. In both your personal and professional life, you’ll never be without a loss for words by using what Conversation Power has to offer.

Digital Audio Books Are Modern Storytellers

Digital audio books and audio book downloads are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, a recent study by the Audio book Publishers Association estimated audio book sales at approximately $925 Million. With the recent sale of audio book publisher Audible to for nearly $300 Million it would appear continued growth is on the horizon.

Recent technology advancements are certainly driving this trend such as the ever popular Ipod and other mp3 players.

Could there be more to the appeal of digital audio books than a multi-tasking world and a GLAM Ipod?

I would suggest that perhaps there is a much greater appeal than the obvious conveniences and portability of audio books. Could the ancient art of “Storytelling” be making a digital comeback? From our earliest days drawing on the walls of caves and gathering around campfires throughout the centuries the Art of telling stories has always been a central and vital focus.

Every culture has its own stories,myths, traditions, and legends. The “storyteller” was often in a revered position.The story tellers have always been giving hoping to share, inspire, educate, entertain, and make their listeners happy.

While the oral tradition appears to have gone digital, the subtle nuances of the human voice and the power of the spoken word give a fuller meaning to the stories or other information being shared. The volume, rate, tone, softness, contrast, and pitch can all be varied and have a great connecting effect much more than a written text. Through the vividness of the voice It is easier to feel emotionally closer to the story, the characters, and the author.

Isn’t it true that the stories we first heard as children were someone reading or telling us a story?

I think it is the unique connection with the author or narrators voice in audio books that make the difference. When listening to an audio book you can just relax and get into the flow of the story without having to actively read and concentrate. It is like having a conversation with a close friend. These are just a few of the reasons that audio books are and will continue to be popular.

While appearance of digital audio book technology has changed the tools available to storytellers one of the most precious things about being human is our ability to tell and listen to stories!