Made to Stick Audiobook by Chip and Dan Heath – An Audiobook Review

The Made to Stick Audiobook is an excellent rendition of Chip and Dan Heath’s book “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.” The audiobook is performed by Charles Kahlenberg who does a fine job with the reading. The Heath brother’s writing in Made to Stick reminds me a lot of Malcolm Gladwell’s writing still – simple ideas woven together with interesting stories. After all, an audiobook should be entertaining, and The Made To Stick Audiobook does it well.

Chip Heath is a Stanford professor and Dan Heath seems to be a combination of researcher and entrepreneur. It’s a good combination that may explain why the book is so enjoyable and usable.

The basic message of the book can be boiled down to the SUCCES acronym the authors use to try and make their ideas memorable. Although, I have to admit that I seem to have a hard time remembering all the steps.

SUCCES stands for Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotions and Stories. These are the elements that the authors view as the steps to making an idea sticky.

The bulk of the book is made up of stories walking through each of the six steps providing example after example of their ideas.

I really enjoyed their use of urban myths to bring their ideas to life. It’s somewhat scary to see how really successful urban myths exploit the SUCCES steps and become so powerful. The first myth really gets your attention. They tell the story of a man who thinks he’s found a good time in bar when he’s picked up by a pretty woman, but wakes up to a shocking truth. (I won’t tell the end – it would spoil the story.) The myth is simple story that’s easy to understand, the outcome is unexpected, the details are concrete and it leaves you somewhat scared. The myth is a perfect blend of the SUCCES principles in action.

Subway’s Jared campaign plays a staring role as one of the primary examples. Other examples come from advertising campaigns of various sorts, particularly those intended to change large groups of people.

The Made to Stick audiobook provides lots of practical and usable strategies for making your ideas “stick”. This is one area where the authors improve on Gladwell’s style. While I enjoy Gladwell’s books a lot, I find them hard to use in real life. Not so with Made to Stick, the Heath brothers give us a lot to work with.

Be sure to keep a notebook handy while you listen. I found my self want to capture the ideas and make sure they stuck with me, so I can put them into practice.

Audiobooks: How Busy Entrepreneurs Save Time

To succeed in business and in life, you need focus. And drive. And an entrepreneurial spirit. That takes motivation. And motivation takes constant exposure to inspiration and wisdom. Often that comes through articles, audiobooks and advice that will keep you focused beyond the horizon.

You’re busy. Time is a valuable commodity to you. I understand. That’s why the successful enrepreneur needs to scour the Internet and compile a list of leadership and motivation Websites and audiobooks.

Why audiobooks? Because they are efficient. You can multitask with an audiobook. Listen to it on your computer at work, your laptop on the road, your iPod or digital music player or your mobile phone on your terms, at your time and your place. Burn it to a CD and listen to it on the daily commute.

Audiobooks make sense. Not only do audiobooks keep you informed on the latest in business and entrepreneurial news and strategies, they will keep you motivated. Focused.

There are also audiobooks on time and stress management, healthy living and nutrition.
Ask any successful leader what the key is to staying on top of his or her game and they’ll tell you that it’s information. Information is power is the old saying. That means a constant exposure to new thoughts, new ideas, best practices.

We live in a time of information overload. Stacks of newpapers and piles of magzines go unread.

That’s why audiobooks have become so popular. They leverage time. There are audiobooks on every conceivable business topic out there. It’s easy to stay informed and in tune with the latest trends that shape business and the economy.

Some execs even listen to audiobooks on their iPods while at the gym. The idea is multitasking and maximizing every moment to stay motivated and on track for success. It’s like that old saying, garbage in, garbage out. By a constant exposure to motivational and inspirational writing and insight, it’s much easier to hang in there when times get tough or the competition is breathing down your back.

It’s a jungle out there. Audiobooks keep you on the motivation highway.

Why The Best Add-On Gadget For Your MP3 Player Is An FM Transmitter

Imagine … just for one moment …

You’re lying on your favorite sun lounger in your garden.

There isn’t a cloud in the sky.

You can feel the sun’s rays on your skin and there is a gentle breeze blowing through your hair.

There is a wooden table to your right. On the table is a tall glass. Inside the glass is your favorite ice-cool drink.

Next to the glass is a radio. Out of the radio’s speaker you can hear your favorite classical music, audiobooks, old time radio shows, or whatever it is that you enjoy. When whatever you are listening to finishes another one of your favorites will start without you ever having to move a muscle.

Life is good!

Okay, you can stop imagining now and get back down to reality. The reason I asked you to imagine that particular scenario is that I wanted you to feel just how wonderful it is to have a little device called an FM transmitter. Some of you reading this will know what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t let me explain.

An FM transmitter is a rather clever gadget that allows you to transmit sound directly from your computer to any radio in your house. It’s completely wireless and works just like a normal radio station, but on a much smaller scale.

Here’s what happens. It’s really easy.

Step 1 – You plug the device into your sound card.

Step 2 – You select a frequency on the device that you want to broadcast at. For example you might select 92.5 FM.

Step 3 – You pick a radio show you’d like to listen to and start it playing on your computer.

Step 4 – You go to any FM radio in your house and tune it in to 92.5 FM.

Step 5 – You sit down and enjoy

The radio needs to be within a certain range, which will vary between 50 feet and 300 feet depending on the strength of the FM transmitter you are using and the number of walls and other obstructions the signal need to pass through to get to you.

The wonderful thing about FM transmitters is it allows you to listen to all the MP3 files you have stored on your computer or one of the online music services, whilst at the same time giving you the freedom to move around your house.

Luckily, the price of FM transmitters has dropped over the past few years and you should be able to pick up a decent FM transmitter that will work throughout a typical house for less than $100.

When purchasing an FM transmitter there are several things you need to consider before you make your decision to buy. Most important of all is the distance the signal covers. If you live in a tiny apartment there’s no need to spend the extra money on a powerful unit that will transmit 1000 feet, unless of course you want the whole neighborhood to be able to tune in to your broadcast. On the other hand, don’t buy one that will only transmit 10 feet if you want to listen at the bottom of the garden which is 150 feet from your computer.

A second thing to look out for is a digital display. Some units have no digital display telling you what frequency you are tuned into and require you to turn a screw on the back to adjust the frequency. This procedure can take quite some time as it requires a bit of trial and error. The end result is exactly the same, but with a digital display it is easy to set the FM transmitter to a specific frequency by reading the numbers on the display and then set the radio to exactly the same frequency.

Finally, some units require batteries whereas others run from the mains power supply. If the unit you purchase works on batteries ensure that it has an auto-off feature that will let you set a time limit after which the device will automatically switch off. If you don’t have this you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of batteries.

FM transmitters are ideal for transmitting around your house, but the same technology can also provide an ideal way of listening to your MP3 player in your car without having to invest in an in-car MP3 unit. All you need to do is plug a battery powered FM transmitter into your MP3 player and then tune the car stereo into the same frequency as the transmitter.

So, now now you understand just how easy it is to set-up your own micro radio station for your very own listening pleasure. Whether you’re a music fan, an audiobook lover, or an old time radio aficionado, this is one little gadget that can really add to the overall enjoyment.