How Children Benefit From Audio Books

Audio books are great for children for many reasons. Like computers and TV, they are educational and entertaining. But their big advantage is they’re low-cost, compact and portable.

As a mental stimulant, audiobooks are very powerful for exciting the imagination of a child. When you see movies, TV and video games, the visuals are provided. But hearing the spoken word means that children have to use their imagination to create mental images. Their mind will work hard and create and visualize the people, clothes, animals, monsters, buildings, castles and landscapes they hear described.

Their vocabulary will be boosted too. Without the distraction of visuals, they will be focussing on every word they hear, and in the process learning new words and how to use them. And let’s face it, some children just don’t like reading. So an audiobook can be a substitute for real books. The excitement and stimulation they provide often leads children towards paper books
later on.

If your children have trouble getting to sleep, an audiobook can be the perfect solution. They don’t need the light on, they can listen in bed in the dark, and in this setting sleep will soon come. And if they share a bedroom with a sibling who is asleep, the other won’t be disturbed at all.

It is when you’re away from home and the large visual gadgets like TVs and computers, that audio books really come into their own for children. Journeys by plane, train or car can be boring for children, resulting in them being a nuisance to the adults they’re with. But an audiobook that’s one of their favorite subjects will keep them in voluntary silence for hours.

Often you may have to bring your children along with you to an appointment. It may be a job interview, or to consult a doctor, dentist, or lawyer. With audiobooks, your children will be as good as gold.

You may take your children along with you for a meal or a drink, as a family or with your friends. Often things start well as the meal to come maintains excitement. But once the food is eaten and the adults want to drink and chat, children start to get bored. With audio books on the menu, they’ll be satisfied and peaceful the whole time.

One of the great things about audio books is that they are ideal for buying online as they are cheap, small and light. Your children can look at the online audiobook shop with you and choose the ones they want. A few days later they’ll drop through the letterbox.

Technological advances are making audio books smaller, lighter, and able to hold many hours of sound. As such, they’ll become increasingly popular with children.