Audio Business Books – Harness the Power of Audio Learning to Cut Your Learning Time in Half!

Audio learning has been around for many years now, but thanks to the introduction of mp3 players and the internet, we are beginning to see an even greater shift towards this type of learning and training tool. Where previously the most common approach for studying was simply by reading lengthily and often time consuming books, individuals are now making the productive shift toward audio business books and video learning.

And whilst video learning does present itself as an amazing tool for demonstrating intricate business systems by visually illustrating various business models and graphs etc, they inevitably rely on the individual’s full attention to be able to take in the information being displayed, and thereby reduce the individual’s ability to continue with their day. Unfortunately this drawback is not just restricted to learning from videos on ones home or office computer, the same applies to portable types of video devices too.

So how can you overcome these obstacles to build knowledge and save time?

Well, this is where audio learning has many advantages over reading and video learning. Compared to business books which inevitably require multiple reads to fully digest, audio business books are not only able to be played repeatedly over a short period of time, but thanks to the fact that they don’t require your visual attention either, they also allow you to go about your day conducting many tasks which using books or video would simply not be possible e.g. eating lunch, working out or driving your car.

After all, can you imagine tying to watch a video or read a book on economics whilst driving down the highway to work? Not only would this be near impossible, it would be highly illegal and extremely dangerous. On the other hand, listening to informative audio business books under the same circumstances would prove to be highly productive and beneficial. You would in effect be killing multiple birds with one stone!

And what’s great too is that with business audio books being priced in the same range as normal books, they are an affordable alternative. This is not to suggest that you totally refrain from reading books altogether, as books do have their place, but I’m simply looking to point of the potential benefits that can be gained by adding audio learning to your learning portfolio.

Especially if you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle, which many modern business people do, it can dramatically help you increase your knowledge during times where any other form of learning would simply not be possible.

So in the these modern every changing times, where staying informed of the latest changes in your market, is the only true way to survive in business, I believe that audio learning can help become give you the edge you need by dramatically reducing your learning time. After all, isn’t time our greatest and most valued resource?

I like to remember a little statement that mind performance expert Tony Robbins one said “You can always get more money, but you can never get more time!”