Wealth Creation is Not So Much About Making Money

Wealth creation is not so much about making money as it is about living in harmony with universal laws which allow us to thrive. Wealth creation as a part of creating a balanced life is desirable and possible no matter what your current personal circumstances. Wealth is much more than money; it includes all the resources and blessings in your life and are available to you if you want them.

Wealth creation starts with an assessment of the value of all your possessions and resources. This is more important than you may think because it focuses your attention on what you do have instead of on what you lack. One of the principles of wealth creation is that we get what we focus on or put another way, what we focus on grows. This means if you appreciate your current level of wealth, your wealth will increase. If you talk poor and focus on lack, then you will get more poverty and financial lack in your life.

If you haven’t been exposed to the teachings of great men like Wallace Wattles who wrote “The Science of Getting Rich” or James Allen who wrote “As a Man Thinketh”, this may sound like superstitious nonsense. However, these laws have been proved to work, whether we agree with them or not, over thousands of years.

Wealth creation starts in the mind with attitudes and beliefs. The thoughts you think and the emotions you allow all contribute to your life circumstances. You need to believe that you deserve to be financially independent and to have the level of wealth in your life that you desire. If you don’t really believe that you deserve it, even if you obtain it you will sabotage your success and either lose it or lose something of great value such as a marriage.

Once you have sorted out your beliefs, you need to decide what you want to create in your life. This will determine your short term and long term goals. These should be achievable and reasonable. Once you know what you want, you need to follow wealth creation principles in order to achieve your goals.

One of the easiest ways to discover these principles and to learn how to successfully apply them is to read books by people who have used them to become wealthy and have written instructions on how you can do the same. They can be invisible mentors or role models who, if you emulate them, can lead you through the wealth creation process in your own life. Many successful people have learned at the feet of Wallace Wattles, Napolean Hill and James Allen. These books are easily obtainable and can open the doors to new knowledge and understanding. You may even be fortunate enough to find them bundled with a number of other self improvement classics and modern inspirations. Wealth creation is not something you have to figure out for yourself; the answer is between the pages of excellent books and on the tracks of convenient and inspiring audiobooks.

What Power The Voice in Celebrity Audiobooks?

It seems we’re all looking for more lighted gossip than ever before these days.

With so many heavy events and access to all the problems of the world at the tip of our fingertips, our willingness to assist has increased, yet also our compassion fatigue.

Celebrity news has gone mainstream for many of us including the men’s market. The instant familiarity we feel with them often has the quality of an ongoing soap opera yet we’re strangely fascinated by the bizarre and often colourful behaviour.

But looking deeper, it’s wonderful to enjoy genuinely talented celebrities and their quality work rather than the mindless petty gossip generated about them.

For example, the quality of a good celebrity voice.

Many are talented singers as well as actors and have professionally trained voices honed over many years of voice coaching focussing on inflection, pronunciation and resonant projection.

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts have recently lent their well known voices to audiobooks and others are quickly hopping on the bandwagon.

By having a rest from the deluge of pretty boys and girls on our cinema and videos and letting a voice speak for itself, we heighten a beautiful medium to an art by and of itself. Witness radio also becoming hot again in the cycle of multimedia trends.

Especially for those who are more aurally sensitive, at times heightened by eye problems or fatigue, the poetic sensitivity of emotion in a well trained voice brings an exquisite pleasure equal to that of the fascinating story or factual narrative they present.

Even in the self development field, some magnetic and charismatic speakers have become celebrities themselves and weave well spoken motivational stories which have turned their own heroic challenges into fabulous epics of struggle, survival and victory for the rest of us.

Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar are legends in their field and have inspired many millions to overcome personal setbacks and rise to the challenge of a new and fascinating life despite severe hurdles.

Despite many challenges today, there’s never been more access to emotive stories of bravery and achievement from fascinating celebrities who dare to go the extra mile and dream on when many of us would whine or dissolve in a faithless mess.

So it’s a choice really. Reading about Lindsay Lohan in after party rehab or listening to intimate and quality recordings of today’s achievers. Hmm, I’m off to the next level!

You can find more stories of courage and stamina by dedicated and wellcrafted voices of today’s leading edge men and women here at http://www.audiobookgiftshop.com.

How to Create Professional Audio Books from Scratch

My name is Alan Twigg and I’m writing this article to offer advice to anyone thinking of creating their own professional audio books.

In the New Year I came up with the idea of creating professional children’s stories and offering them for download on the internet. The thing was, however, while I had someone to write the stories – my mother – and someone to market the stories – me, I knew nobody who knew about how to record the stories professionally. I knew it must be reasonably easy, since I only wanted to create an audio book containing speech.

I started doing research on Google – but all the articles I found contained so much technical gobbledygook – I was soon put off. So I went to my local music store for advice on what to buy. I decided to use my computer to create the audio books and this is what I bought:

1 microphone stand

1 pop-screen (that’s a piece of material that is placed just in front of the microphone to stop your “Ps” from popping)

1 studio microphone

1 software program (Wavelab)

1 USB Audio/MIDI interface (TASCAM US 122 with phantom power)

1 pair of heaphones

It all came to 650 euros (800) dollars.

I connected my Audio/MIDI interface (this is basically a really good sound card in an external case) to my computer using the USB cable provided. I then set up my microphone and attached the microphone cable to the MIDI interface. After installing the software, I was ready to go.

The results have been great and I find Wavelab software powerful and incredibly easy to use.

Some Audio Book recording tips

I first get my entire copy ready before starting the recording. I pin the sheets of paper with the text that I am going to read in front of me onto the wall. Then, at about 8 inches away from the microphone, I start to talk. The more natural you can be the more interesting you will sound to your listeners. I found that the best thing to do is to stand in front of the microphone and make gestures in the same way as you would when talking to a close friend. If you stand there stiff like a statue, you’ll come across in the same way in your recording.

Another thing that I like to do before starting the recording is to get myself into a really good mood. Again, this will add to the impact of your recording. I always listen to a few uplifting songs and get enthusiastic before starting. You should also try to make sure that you keep the same distance from the microphone.

And that’s it – I hope that this article will save you a little bit of time setting up your own home recording studio and I wish lots of success with your audio books.